I am someone whose life is run by a one-sentenced cliché: “A cozy, quiet spot, a fresh cup of coffee, and a good book... These are some of the best things in life.” By A Random Bookmark
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Common Sense

It’s a sad, beautiful, miserable, wonderful thing to know, to know you’re broken. Broken inside. Bittersweet madness you couldn’t fully fathom. Really comprehend. It’s sad but you can’t really do anything about. It’s just a phase. This too shall pass. Can’t wait for it. How much I wanted to know when, how much it really matters to me, when this will end. I hear violin sirens and sex and love. And how lost I truly feel inside. I wish for it to end. But I truly don’t know how. I wished for help, yes, wishful thinking, for my knight in shining armor. Or at least an armor, even though it’s not a knight and it doesn’t shine. I hate this word porn. How it graphically paints my misery. And how it doesn’t make any sense.


Awitin natin

mga tula sa bangin

tangay ng hangin

dala ng tingin

hampas ng alon

haplos ng kahapon

naghihintay sa ngayon

nasaan ang pagkakataon?

Dumudungaw sa ala-ala

nais ng makilala

pangarap sa tala

kailangan pa ba ng himala?

Nandito na ang bukas

takot pa ring tumuklas

Dama pa rin ang bakas

Kaharap na ang wakas.